My camera is on the way – June 16, 2004 12:29AM

Wendesday June 16, 2004 12:29AM
This post is being made via a pirated wireless connection! I woke up this morning to find out our cable modem internet access wasn’t working (DNS worked, but no packets or trace routes would). After inspection of the hardware here, a quick chat session online with comcast support (also via the pirated signal) revealed that our account has an oustanding balance (60 days past due). My roommate handles that stuff. Luckily, one of our neighbors has DSL and and Linksys router without any encryption, which is how i was able to: 1. Buy my camera 2. Find out why our internet didn’t work 3. Post this blog

Well, I did it. I went ahead and ordered a digital camera. The Canon Powershot S410 from FotoConnection at a cost of $319. All the ebay auctions I had been following ended around that price. The Best Buys/Compusa/Circuit city stores all carry the exact same camera for $399, so I should be able to easily recoup my investment if I have to farther along down the line. It came down to a choice between the 4MPixel S410 and the 5Mpixel Sony Cybershot W1, which was $349. In the end, I decided that taking 2592×1944 (5 MPixel) shots vs 2272 x 1704 (4 MPixel) wasn’t enough of an incentive to negate the s410’s compact size (which is what attracted me to it in the first place). Instead of the 640×480 movie mode, I get 320 x 240, which is alright by me. The 128MB memory card I ordered with teh camera will also give me a little bit more mileage with a 4MPixel. The total was $386, which included $17 shipping from Great Neck, New York. They said it would get here in a week (which means 1.5-2wk, i bet). Hopefully it will arrive in time for my trip to Little Rock!

Hmm, i probably overreacted yesterday about my lost t-shirt. It is a t-shirt, after all. I talked to Kelly, who wasn’t sure what happened to it. She thinks it was put into a box somewhere, but didn’t make much of an effort to look for it. I tried to track her down after the last class tonight, but she had already left. No matter. I’ll bug her about it everyday till revelations are made. Speaking of things missing from the gym…. Adam said that someone went into his car and took $25 out of his wallet, and his checkbook! He always parks it right by the side of the building. Looks like I won’t be leaving my doors open anymore.
Also today, one of the mom’s brought in a kitten that had been rescued out of a sewer! It had a gaping hole in it’s neck where the vetrinarian had removed a worm from it. Sad, i know. The mom was a little squeamish about applying an ointment to the area, per the vet’s instructions, so i held the little bugger down and squirted it in there (I imagine it was an anti-biotic to prevent infection). Poor guy was mewing from discomfort, but i was glad to help. It sure made me hope that *I* never get worms. You won’t soon catch me going barefoot or running around in a sewer!

I got an email today saying that a friend of mine that runs my bible study is in the hospital, so I am going to visit her tomorrow. I also got a call from my cousin whom seems to have managed to delete the MBR (master boot record) on the computer I gave him a few months ago. I’m heading over there tomorrow to try to get it up and running. Since bible study is now cancelled, i’ll have all night to fix it i guess.

That is all this episode. Time to enjoy my new state of poverty after shelling out almmost ~$400 on a toy i don’t need :-). At least i’ll have some awesome pictures for the website!


P.S. Yahoo just upgraded everyone’s email to 100mb (can you say ‘worried about gmail’?). Nice upgrade, but who cares. Pop access would be better, but they still want to charge $20 a year for that. Thank goodness for yahoo! pops

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