Holy Matrimony

My very eventful labor day weekend began with a late morning commute to midtown, Atlanta to tailgate with the old-harris-residents-football-tailgate. The game started at 1:00PM, and so the tailgate started at 10:30AM. I arrived around 11:10 and hung out for a while. Josh had given me his ticket, so I was also able to attend the game. I got a good look at tech’s new varsity squad, but I had to leave the game prematurely before the half in order to make to Tony and Sarah’s wedding.

I drove back to Roswell, and went to buy their wedding gift at the Kohl’s across the street from where I live. Kohl’s is a horrible place to be registered. First, the registry computer at the back of the store didn’t look like it was even on… then after the worker activated the screen for me, it couldn’t find the listing for Tony and Sarah’s wedding even though I put her name in perfectly. After a phone call to a groomsman (Aaron), and more finagling with the registry computer I found the correct wedding, and tried to print out the list, but the printer was off, so I had to reach into the cabinet and turn it on myself. Obtaining the registry list turned out to be much easier than finding anything listed on it in the store. I spent at least 15 minutes wandering around a 20’x20 kitchen area which was apparently designed an organized by an extremely inebriated chimpanze. I couldn’t find any of the kitchen/dinner items on the registry list. Annoyed (and running out of time), I located 3 other items in a different area of the store, which I luckily found fairly expediently (the monkey must have sobered up when it stocked the home accent items). After buying the items, I jumped in the car and sped off towards the wedding in Dallas… gifts unwrapped, running about 20 minutes behind schedule.

I arrived at the wedding just in time to see Tony & Sarah departing the altar (great, just great). Suffice it to say that the Ragsdale Inn (where the wedding was held) is a LONG way down a georgia road with lots of traffic lights on it. What mapquest said was a 9-mile distance turned out to be about 18 miles in reality. This is the second time that site has $#@@’ed up directions. I’m going to use Yahoo!Maps next time.

Sarah and Tony understood, and were cool with everything. The wedding was petite, probably about 30 guests in all. Kirk Bauer was in attendance. I’d gotten to talk to him at the rehearsal barbecue the day before (Friday), it was fun catching up. Also noteworthy of mention was the presence of Eric Wu of www.emotioneric.com fame as best man (yes, i’m somewhere on that site, but I won’t say where) , and Aaron Merritt as a groomsman. Laura Sassman* (she is married and has a different last name now, but I dont’ know it), an old RA/CA from the dorm. The food was great and the air was festive. The DJ was friendly, if a little bit corny… but his jokes fit the mood (i suppose).

The newlywed couple are delaying their honeymoon until after Tony has more leave time. He’s a naval officer, so he has orders to carry out which preclude their immediate traveling. I guess the upshot is that Sarah Burgoyne-Carl (hyphenated!) will have more time to plan it out.

I told my mom about their wedding later on the phone, as she’d met Tony while he was living with me in college. Care to guess what her subsequent comments were about? 🙂 Ah, moms are so predictable.


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