These are photos from the Chinese New Year celebration at the CCC (Chinese Cultural Center) in Chamblee, GA. After helping carry the dragon around to different shops in 1997, I participated in the festivities as part of the dragon for the Year of the Tiger (1998) and as a lion for the Year of the Rabbit (1999).
The dragon is manned by students in the Georgia Tech Chinese Student Association. I also carried the dragon in the 1998 Macon Cherry Blossom Parade.

CSA dragon team 1998 (year of the rabbit)

Lined up at the start of our New Year's performance

The chinese dragon flying around the parking lot

Lined up at the end of our New Year's performance

All 12 members of the dragon team

Moving into position to start our performance for Chinese New Year

The dragon bows and gives respect

The dragon at full attention

The dragon snaking and weaving its way around at the CCC

Good job this year! We relax after performing

the 12-section dragon leaning against the side of the Chinese Cultural Center

The CSA dragon team arrives in Macon to march in the cherry blossom festival parade

Hanging out with some of the other parade marchers

Getting set up before the parade

Someone has seen a few too many kung-fu movies

We stop to enjoy the cherry blossoms before the cherry blossom parade

Roger, Irene, Kevin & friend

Some "chow-fun" at a chinese restaraunt

The Chinese Dragon drums/percussion team

"Head" Dragon trick