These are odd, miscellaneous pictures and photos, some of which I have doctored and photoshop'ed. Can you tell which ones? ;-) Others don't really fit into any of my current galleries.

Liz turns 25. From the card I forgot to give her

Liz as Wonder

Liz *is* Wonder

Sarah with her jewelry

My group celebrates our 100/100 on our Process Lab Project

Dave Lo, apparently with WAY too much free time on his hands

Brooke from across the hall in my dorm lets us take a look :-)

Josh focusing his ki and summoning a Street Fighter style fireball... Hadou-ken!

Valkryie is a *much* cooler name than just plain 'Valerie', don't you think?

Fellow Chem-E AK... once upon a time in china (even though he's Lao)

AK and his then-favorite Thai pop singer, Pookie

The greatest battle that never went down

Leann & Busta Rhymes... seperated at birth? Here they are together again

My fuzzy computer buddies. Only the ferret that Liz gave me remains

B.Diddy from Northstar church rappin with Snoop Dogg

When is this guy's album gonna drop, yo?