Liz and I drove out to Little Rock from Atlanta for the 2004 Songham World Tae Kwon Do Championships. I didn't see all that many people from around the world, but we did go sightseeing around the city on Saturday before Liz had to compete on Sunday.
Little Rock, AR June 18-20, 2004

Sign on the bridge from Memphis to Arkansas

Our arrival in to Little Rock

The river downtown separates Little Rock from North Little Rock

After missing opening cermemonies, Liz and I went to a downtown pub

....where we played darts

Liz beat me twice! I'm still trying to figure out how she did it

Liz both thinks and parks outside the box :-)

An Arkansas senior out re-living his youth!

A view of downtown Little Rock

"They say the traffic lights are bright, on Broadway..."

An auditorium that we passed during our travels

The old mill, a replica built for and used in Gone With The Wind

The old mill

View of the old mill from the plasti-crete bridge

Me, on the plasti-crete bridge over a shallow pond

Driving around in North Little Rock

A comic store! I made Liz pull over and we went inside

Arkansas Arts Center

Other visitors lounging around at the Arts Center

"Just Pretending" - A sculpture in the lobby of the Arkansas Arts Center

Here's a piece i'd love to have in my living room :-)

Liz in the lobby, deciding which exhibit that we'll see first

Catfish City where we had lunch. Fairly overpriced and close to Razorback campus.

The Arkansas state capitol

Old army jeep in the military history museum

Liz outside the Arkansas History Museum

Liz inside the Arkansas History Museum

The old Arkansas state capitol

Prince Albert.
In a can.

Me, a mover, shaker, and very comfortable in my position of power

Me and my whiskey-swiggin pal, Zeke

A more realistic (but obviously fake) representation of Zeke and I

The movie theater where Liz and I watched Shrek 2

Hey, a Krispy Kreme bakery! Just like in Atlanta!

A blatant case of hyperbolic marketing in downtown

Like Ryu, Liz wanders the streets in search of worthy opponents

...And then she finds the Street Fighter Songham Tae Kwon Do Tournament!

Warm ups and stretching in ring 4

An unruly bunch! This motley crew of warriors from around the world.

Hey look! The judges are still wearing their pajamas! Ha-ha!

Hmm, Liz is dressed like Ryu, but has a ponytail like Ken. Interesting...

Liz's weapons form with dual nun-chuks! (Divx), 2.4MB)

Liz suits up and prepares for her sparring match

A FIGHT! Whatever will be the outcome of this perilous ordeal?

Victory! The stuff of Warriors' dreams

Liz's ring bows before the start of competition