FSA meeting fall qtr, 1998

Donna, Sharon and Mary, pinays!

Winter holidays dinner with our faculty advisor

Mary being interviewd and embarrassed in front of visitors from FSA Emory

Mmmm! Sinigang, pansit, adobo and more at winter holidays dinner!

Manny, about to get himself into trouble again!

Old school picture from the food fair at the culturefest in 1997

My pinoy Ate's and Lolo's. FSA's 1st exec. board

FSA's first ever team for the culturefest soccer tournament

Some of the guys hanging out at tanikling practice

Me & the adobo crew holdin it down and keepin it real!

Jeepney, Jeep... same difference!

Seth and I decked out at the 1998 UF Def Talent Jam

Adelle and Sealing looking pretty

Dennis Delima and his two cousins

Dennis and Erica

Sharon and friend from KSU

How many filipinos does it take to row a raft?

The other filipino-filled raft on the Ocoee river that day!