In Summer of 1999, I made my way out to Denver, CO with my father for a 2-week visit where he was temporarily working. I spent my days wandering downtown exploring. In my travels, I met & helped a chinese tourist that spoke NO english, and even met up with a classmate that was interning there for the summer.

Downtown Denver, CO. The 'mile-high' city

Hey, look! Another Phipps, like in Atlanta! (Denver Museum of Nat. History)

A river runs through the city that you can canoe on! How awesome is that???

Tower of Compassion

A lost chinese tourist that I befriended and guided to the US Mint (luckily, I speak a little Mandarin)

12th street in downtown Denver

I saw this in a front yard of a house while walking to the museum

Now there's a view you won't find anywhere back east.

UC Denver! Whose campus & library I snuck into and met some students

Chipolte, a mexi-food franchise that has since spread east.

Chess games downtown draw many onlookers

UC Denver's student center. The Tivoli Student Union

Rock Bottom Brewery in downtown.

A little bit of the far east out in the midwest

My 'big sister' Paige who interned out in Denver during my trip and her friend.