Held at the Band Shell in Daytona, Florida. NCA holds their national college cheerleading championship every year during the first weekend in April. The hotels and surrounding area are jam-packed with cheerleaders and ex-cheerleaders. The morning after final competition is stunt-fest. A whole day of stunting with people you may (but probably don't) know. Very informal and very fun! Its a great place to make new friends and show off ;-).
NCA College Cheerleading Nationals 2002
April 5-7, Daytona, FL

8:00AM Arrival in Daytona, Florida after a solid night/morning of driving from Atlanta, GA

The Florida State Seminole all-girl squad prior to preliminary competition

Super Jess and I execute a one arm lib at stuntfest

The very lovely Ali after breakfast at Denny's in Daytona, FL

Tech Varsity Girls 2001

Bailey and I stunting at NCA College Nationals 2002

Hangin with the homies at stuntfest after 2002 nationals

One of many stunts I threw at stuntfest with total strangers. (HPU alum Tiffany)

Super Jess and Erik in yet another awesome

Morehead cheerleaders Jess and her pal

Super Jess and friends

NCA Cheerleading Nationals 2003
April 4-6, Daytona, FL

Alex and Nicole relaxing in an easy stunt

Nicole being held in a cupie by me at stuntfest while Corali watches

Super Jess and I execute a one arm stretch at stuntfest for our annual stunt!

Kentucky coaches Jomo and Carrie showing off at stuntfest

We're the greatest dancers EVER! And we have the trophy to prove it!

One of the famous twins from Stephen F. Austin University

All girl stunting at its most elite

Always plenty of stunters and stunts to enjoy at stuntfest

About half the cheerleaders at stuntfest 2003

Another picture of the crowd at stuntfest 2003

Grou photo of the 2002-03 Georgia All-Star open squad at stuntfest

Tim, Bear and Mindy relaxing at the pool

Jordan, Ollie, and Nicole after NCA Nationals

Big Will shows off his big-willie-style!

Dan, Josh, Alex and Nicole outside the fabulous Thunderbird!

Another cute cheerleader! From the University of Houston