On a little bit of a whim I became a GT cheerleader during my last year at tech. I was on the JV squad. Definitely one of the most fun activities and organizations I've ever been involved with. Great coaches and great people (even if varsity was a little bit high-strung that year). Much fun was had, and I made a lot of friends. (They also give out cool t-shirts)

Carrie, Melissa, and Lisa (l-r) pose at a tech football game

Melissa and Brooke (l-r) looking pretty for the camera

The lovely ladies of the 2000 JV squad after GT vs Navy

Monique and Netta all smiles after GT vs Navy

Lisa & Carrie at the Tech 2000 homecoming game

The JV squad learning a 2-2-1 pyramid at one of our early practices

Easy fo'sheezy! Chlling while I give the girls some 3-2-1 pyramid support ;-)

Practice was always a lot of fun! This is a tabletop pyramid with Brooke on top.

Heather, Julie and Jenny from varsity squad.

We're taller than the Bellsouth building! JV before homecoming game 2000

Awesome! Seth and Elaine represent fo' tha' asian peeples's!

Now *there's* something you don't see everyday! Too bad the stunt fell!

Seth and Carrie demonstrate what makes him JV's #1 stunter

Erin, Netta, and Lisa at SCA Marietta for a Sunday practice

Nick perfecting his lib with a little help from Scott

Sleepy Erin en route to the women's ACC basketball tournament

Cheerleader/Techno DJ 'Project C' chillin like a villain on the charter bus

Carrie, Lisa, and Elaine backstage before a WACC tourney game

Headshots of the entire 2000-2001 JV Squad

Brooke and I in an extension at practice

Dainty Melissa looking pretty before the 2000 Homecoming game

Netta the cutie before the homecoming football game

Natalie and Scott taking part in the cupie contest