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Domain is working

Hurrah! The domain finally kicked in and started working late last night! I guess this means i’d better get to working on the websites! I think i’ll start with the photo gallery and my older web-pages from college and work from there. My old Deity comic site is already up. ( Incidentally, that comic is where I got the idea for the domain name.

Updates will probably be very slow, I have a small gaggle of trivial tasks to complete at the moment… though admittely half of them have to do with this new website… and there is work of course (which I have to leave for in 4 hours). I need to start waking up earlier than 11 (and find a better job, etc..) Stay tuned to my friend’s site as well. I have no idea what she’s going to put on it; maybe her portfolio.


Ah, I finally have webspace to call my own again. A wiser person would probably have created a website FIRST and subsequently put it online, but not me (apparently). The domain name still hasn’t been fully processed, but that should be up and working within 2 days. In the meantime, i’ll have plenty to do, like setting up accounts/access for the person i’m sharing the site with. Who knows if this blog will even make it onto the page.