Up too late – Thursday June 10, 2:41AM

Thursday June 10, 2:41AM
Bah. Up too late again. Welcome to the new web log section on riftwave! Nothing fancy, but it sure did take me long enough to play around and piece together what I wanted. Orange and green… I have *no* idea how I ended up with those particular colors, but it looks like it will work (for now, anyways).

Eventful past few days for me. I most of this past weekend with my Brannon, Valerie, and Jake. A very nice change from staying cooped up in my room communicating solely via IM (I REALLY need to get out more, its no wonder I rarely meet new folks). We played Balderdash (Brannon won), and watched Princess Mononoke (as well as the 3rd Potter flick). There was a trip to whitewater on Sunday, but I *thought* that I had to teach 2 private lessons at the gym so I didn’t go. None of my lessons showed up, though.

Blame the lack of web page updates on this Jedi Academy video game I’ve been playing. Its also the reason my sleep schedule has gone awry, but that will be fixed as soon as I finish this entry and upload the new changes to riftwave. No, still no photo gallery design/layout, but I did make that groovy fixed-position header with cross-faded pictures! Not much, but its my first attempt at a photo-collage (yes, i used photoshop, doesn’t everyone?).
Sarah visiting Liz

Too much sun

I have decided that I want one of 3 digital cameras (since I have none), which would be very helpful since I’m going to have a website. The Canon S400, S410, S500, or the Sony Cybershot W1. They are all rather expensive :-(. Maybe i’ll catch a break on an auction or refurb model.

In other news, I did not make it to my bible study today in Acworth. I submitted 3 or 4 resumes to what seemed to be potential leads for lab tech-type jobs. Its not chemical engineering, but its a step in the right direction. I also talked to Liz and Sarah a bit via IM. Its hard to catch Liz because she keeps opposite work hours from me, and actually has a life away from the keyboard ;-). Josh, if you are out there… sorry about the percieved ommision, man! I have rectified the situation in the Pals Photo Gallery, even though there was already a pic in the Other Photo Gallery. How about an IM or an email one of these days?

P.S. Starcrossed, the season 2 finale of Justice League was great! Its rare that I enjoy a movie as much as I did watching the 90-minute episode on Saturday. Definitely check it out if you’re a superhero fan.

Movie outing with some folks – June 5, 12:45PM

Saturday June 5, 12:45PM
Greetings! I saw the new Harry Potter movie last night (The Prisoner of Azkaban) with some friends. Natalie, Valerie, Brannon, Beth, Jake (who was in town visiting for 5 days), Anna (a friend of Beth’s), and Dawn (a friend of Natalie’s). I think everyone enjoyed the evening, even though the interaction was a little disjointed due to having to eat at 2 tables and take 2 cars. I ended up speaking with Jake most of the time. Even though he lives in Tallahassee, i see him more often than I do Beth and Natalie. Peculiar.
Natalie Bran and Val

Natalie and Beth

Whilst in line for the showing, I saw two faces that I remembered from school. Laura Brennan, and Shonda Gaskins, who started school the very same summer quarter I did. We used to hang out a pretty fair amount back in ’95, but our paths diverged big-time after fall quarter started.
A little chatting was done. Laura was even taller than I remembered, but she and Shonda still had the same amiable and personable qualities I recalled. Curious that I should run into them. I had just been wondering about another friend I met that same quarter… but whose email I have, so I can keep in touch.

No sweeping site changes to speak of. I added Verú to the pals photo gallery and uploaded my resume. I have also decided to make a seperate page/section for the web log, though I will still keep an abriged version here on the front page. The expanded version will have visual aids and even more juicy (boring) info! Yipee 😉

To design or not to design

Its been two days and I still haven’t nailed down a design or much content for the website. If this web log gets much larger i’ll have to dedicate a section for it instead of just encapsulating it in a tiny div.

You may or may not realize that much of the CSS i’m using here was pilfered/inspired from CSS/EDGE by Eric Meyer. A great site to learn some flashy CSS techniques. (My implementation is that of a layman, unoriginal and rough around the edges).
Maybe i’ll pass this url around and see what people think of it so far. I really hope i make a layout decision for the photo galleries

Memorial Day weekend

Oops, haven’t written anything in the journal for over a week! Turns out that the photo gallery was the first thing to go online, albeit unformatted. I still haven’t decided on the best way to display the pictures and navigation menu, but i’ll try to come up with something this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, its memorial day weekend. Today I went to Target looking for those cheap t-shirts i passed up last week. I also helped Valerie+Brannon+The Ramseys paint the stairs. I would have stayed longer, but I had to get to Aaron’s apt to feed his cat, and put his new drum set together (that iffy game him). After doing that I got distracted playing SimCity4 for about 40 min and then came back to watch the best episode of Justice League i’ve ever seen. Not a bad day… though i’m unsure as to whether the gym is open tomorrow or not. I have private lessons tomorrow, so they might not know? I’ll have to show up just in case :-/

Domain is working

Hurrah! The domain finally kicked in and started working late last night! I guess this means i’d better get to working on the websites! I think i’ll start with the photo gallery and my older web-pages from college and work from there. My old Deity comic site is already up. (http://deity.riftwave.net). Incidentally, that comic is where I got the idea for the domain name.

Updates will probably be very slow, I have a small gaggle of trivial tasks to complete at the moment… though admittely half of them have to do with this new website… and there is work of course (which I have to leave for in 4 hours). I need to start waking up earlier than 11 (and find a better job, etc..) Stay tuned to my friend’s site as well. http://biftec.riftwave.net. I have no idea what she’s going to put on it; maybe her portfolio.


Ah, I finally have webspace to call my own again. A wiser person would probably have created a website FIRST and subsequently put it online, but not me (apparently). The domain name still hasn’t been fully processed, but that should be up and working within 2 days. In the meantime, i’ll have plenty to do, like setting up accounts/access for the person i’m sharing the site with. Who knows if this blog will even make it onto the page.

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