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Missed the race – Tuesday July 7, 2004

Tuesday July 7, 2004, 3:23AM

I didn’t run in the Peactree Road Race. The plan was for Reed to call me later the night before and tell me what time to be up to catch a ride downtown. He didn’t call, so I set my clock for 6AM and went to bed. I woke up very drowsily at 6, my sleep-logic asking why I was waking up so early just to tire myself out in the summer heat, all the way downtown no less. Reed never showed up, and so I fell back asleep… missing church in the process.

Later, at 12:22 I left and went to Iffy’s apt on Clairmont Rd for the barbecue… the barbecue which was actually being held the next day, as a very hung-over and sleepy Iffy told me. Oops. I made a very similar mistake last year for a party that Liz threw… only that time it was a 2-hour-drive-to-Liz’s-place-in-Macon mistake. Believe me when I say that A 4-hour drive is a great way to burn up not only gas, but your entire evening and afternoon as well.

Well, I did make it to the barbecue on its actual day (today), and there was a good smattering of folks there. I was pleasantly surprised to see Natalie-the-ballerina there (not to be confused with the Natalie that I saw Harry Potter 3 with). Natalie was there with Aaron’s girlfriend, Katie. We got to talk a little bit and swam around in the pool some. We raced pool lengths, and she beat me 4 times. I didn’t mind. I’m not a very good swimmer, and I was more concerned with how nicely she fit into her swimsuit πŸ˜‰ (The few photos I have of the barbecue don’t do her justice). I didn’t drool or stare though, so I should be in the clear. She and Katie had a friend flying in from Vancouver who is going to be living with Katie and Aaron, and dancing at Atlanta Ballet with Katie and Natalie-the-ballerina for about a month. Apparently Aaron thinks that I’ll like her or something. She flew in tonight. I’ll have to try to drop by sometime this week and meet her. Hmmm, I don’t think i’ve ever been out with a ballerina before……. πŸ˜‰

P.S. – Played my bass after too-long a hiatus. It felt good to do it. I’m going to learn some No Doubt songs all the way through… and tab The Sun by They Might Be Giants… they always perform with extremely skilled bass players with some good, tough lines.

GMR, electronics problems, and a race tomorrow! – Saturday, July 3, 2004

Saturday July 3, 8:45PM

Well, my week of ‘vacation’ off from work has begun. The gym is closed from July 2 to July 8 for Independence Day.

July 2004
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I started my week away from cheerleading with, what else? (sigh) A trip to a cheerleading/gymnastics equipment supplier. -More about that later, i’m off to meet Erik and Reed for a shirley temple (they’re having dinner) at Bogey’s and then fireworks.

– 10:45PM –
Back from Bogey’s and the fireworks in Duluth. Predicatbly, traffic did not move a whole lot leaving. Especially with the Duluth police department’s 15-minute-per-direction traffic strategy πŸ™‚ Well, I’m sure their intentions were good.

…So, on friday I left the house with Erik to pick up Reed at the Atlanta Athletic Club (exclusive meets well-to-do). This accident was blocking our normal route out, so we drove past the river instead and headed to GMR in Lithonia. Unfortunately, we ventured out into Atlanta traffic on the perimter, through spaghetti junction, during rush hour, on a holiday weekend no less. Needless to say, there was lots of braking involved on our trip :-). We stuck to side roads on the way back via Stone Mountain, stopping at one point to try to get some funnel cake (we were unsuccessful).

Stone Mountain, Georgia

The funnel cake shop was closed
even though we visited during working hours

The rest of my day was spent trying to clean the W32.Pinfi virus off of my computer (the scan took 5.5 hours to complete). I discovered that I was infected after Warcraft 3 stopped working properly.

In addition to the virus, I found that my one of my DDR dance pads isn’t working (sensors seem to function, but the PS2 won’t recognize it). So, today I went to find a Multimeter Expert at the hardware store and bought a multimeter and some wire. After spending 40 min resoldering/shrink-tubing the cable that I incorrectly clipped , I unsuccessfully attempted to diagnose and repair the problem with the dance mat. The circuit pathways are extremely difficult to probe, due to extreme cheap-ness. A new one will cost $20…. and replacing the circuit board with one pulled from an el-cheapo controller will cost at least $10, plus effort getting the flat circuit paths connected correctly (translation: pain in the ass). I’ll toy with the idea of constructing my own pad, but that’s more $$ than i currently want to spend on a game that should work already.

Can you tell that a chemical engineer did this? πŸ™‚

Turns out i’m going to run in the Peachtree Road Race tomorrow with Reed and Otis(?). I’m not in running shape and I don’t have a pair of sneakers properly broken in… guess this means i’ll miss church tomorrow because Iffy’s throwing a barbecue at 1’ish… but i guess we’ll see what happens. Stay tuned to this web log!

Spiderman 2 – Thursday, June 30, 2004

Thursday, June 30 3:18PM
I am just getting in from a noon (12:30pm) showing of Spiderman 2, which opened today. Fantastic! I really really got into this movie… the action, stunts, special effects and CGI are all great of course… but its really the effect of the whole story (writing and direction). Even though there are a great many movies I like and enjoy, I am not typically a person that raves over seeing them in the theaters, or goads friends into seeing a particular flicks without some sort of impetus. However, I am going to make a noteworthy exception with Spiderman 2. Go see it… in the theater… bring a date! Its a good date movie! I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but a there are a few surprising scenes and plot lines that fans of the first movie will delight in seeing explored. I don’t want to give anything away, so I will leave my description at that for now. Perhaps I’ll write a full review later.

As great as it was, there are some interesting peculiarities that seem to pervade the series. Maybe they can be attributed to Sam Raimi?
There are the cameos by Stan Lee and Sam Raimi, of course…. but most *ahem* noteworthy is how Mary Jane Watson aka Kirsten Dunst’s shirt invariably gets soaking wet again in the movies, causing her to nip through her blouse. (Not that i’m complaining! Its definitely a rememberable recurrence worth mention πŸ˜‰ ) I couldn’t find a screenshot from spiderman 2 that does Ms. Dunst’s assets justice, so I grabbed a publicity photo from earlier in the same scene, albeit without the level of detail noticeable in the film. -I now own the Spiderman 2 DVD and was able to make the appropriate screenshot- I also included a screen grab from the first spiderman movie. (I just realized that I have the full-screen version, bleagh… I shall have to sell it and buy the widescreen one)

Perky Kirsten Dunst
Spiderman (2002)

Kirsten in yet another wet blouse
from Spiderman 2 (2004)

I hope you appreciate that DVD screenshot. It took me HOURS to get my DVD player softwave to run correctly in order to get it. I’ll spare you a long explanation, but it has to do with the software blocking playback because my video card isn’t programmed with any copy protection. After very furstrating and exhaustive search, I finally fixed it by finding a way to block macrovision. (MPAA SUX!)

11:00PM – Went to and came back from Acworth. Ran into Kathryn after not seeing her around for a while. She just got back from California.

Site update – well, not my site. I’ve been fiddling with the domain a little bit. It started when Beth contacted me for help with installing Moveable Type(blog software) on the site. I’d read/heard a little about lots of people dropping moveable type due to it not being as free anymore, so I consulted with an online-pal/internet guru and decided to install WordPress instead. As of this entry, WordPress is up and running on Beth’s site, but she has yet to make any updates to it herself. I will probably eventually switch from blogger to WordPress, but not until i have more content up and redesign this web log’s appearance.
One site enhancement I have been unable to implement so far is syndicating RSS feeds/headlines onto my web page. I found a script that does the job, but my host doesn’t have the proper perl modules installed that it requires. I’ll email them about it and see if I can get that changed.

In other news: No new information about my shirt. I talked a little bit about it with Reed. No revelations. I have been offered as many old thunder shirts as I want as restitution. A poor substitute, but seemlingly all i’m likely to get.

Also: My 2 extra batteries for my digital camera came yesterday! I charged them up and tested them and everything seems to work correctly. Now all I have to do is find a case that can carry them along with the camera and 2 extra compact flash cards. I’ve been to Target and Best Buy, but haven’t found anything ideal. Right now i’m using this targus case which is compact enough to fit in a pocket and hold the camera + flash cards, but it lacks the compartments for 2 extra batteries.

Away to Arkansas and then back again – June 28, 2004 11:08AM

Monday, June 28, 2004 11:08AM
Good morning folks! Its 10:13AM Monday. Liz and I arrived in Atlanta 12 hours ago last night from Little Rock, AR. After getting dropped off at Brannon’s house, I spent a few minutes with him and the Ramseys and then finally made it back home at 11.

I made it to Brannon’s friday morning a little before 9AM after a sluggish jaunt through morning traffic. The original plan was to leave at 8:30, but we both underestimated the delay due to Atlanta’s horrible rush hour. We departed from Atlanta a few minutes after 9, westbound on I-20. Our route took us through Birmingham (AL), Tupelo (MS), Memphis(TN), and finally to Little Rock(TN). The longest part of the drive was the 4+ hours through Alabama. The most interesting part of the drive were the low-swooping crop dusters than floated around over the highways in Arkansas. We arrived at our exit in Little Rock at about 6 oclock.

We changed and after arrival and went into town and had dinner at the flying saucer. We tried to attend the opening ceremonies, but were unable to get in to see it because the fire marshall was not allowing any more people inside the convention hall to watch. Liz’s tae kwon do instructor hadn’t contacted her about where to pick up tickets, so we ended up missing out on the ceremony. We ended up playing darts at a pub a few blocks down the street instead.

Saturday morning we went sightseeing. Our first stop was the Old Mill in North Little Rock, across the river. We also visited a comic store (i got a comic there, too) the Little Rock Arts Center, the Museum of Military History, the Historic Arkansas Museum and the Old State Capitol. In our travels, Liz ran about 3 red lights in and around Little Rock πŸ™‚ ! We also drove past the Univ. Or Arkansas campus and had dinner close to there. We completed the evening with a movie, Shrek 2, at an 18-screen multiplex down the highway from the hotel.

Sunday morning we checked out and went down to the convention center for Liz’s competition. Judging in her ring started at 11:15AM and went through weapons forms, fighting forms, and finally sparring. Liz ended up taking 3rd place in fighting forms in her division (congrats!). Judging finally ended at 12:40. She picked up her trophy, changed, and then we were back on the road to Georgia by about 1:05PM.

The trip home only took about 9+ hours with a bit less traffic and a lot less rain than the drive out there.

So, that was my weekend, in a nutshell! I will put up a photo gallery, and more detailed description of the trip, linked from this log, when time permits. Hopefuly before the end of the week. Until then, its back to my normal schedule, and work at the gym later today.

take care

P.S. The little rock photo gallery is here!

Quick note before I go – Friday June 25, 2004

Friday June 25, 2004 3:00AM

Well, I didn’t get to bed early as I’d hoped. This is a quick little entry before I wake up tomorrow and embark on my trip to Little Rock. Keith just got back from there (he didn’t like it much) and said the drive should take 11 hours. Lovely. I bought a 6-pack of Mt.Dew to be consumed during my share of the driving. I also burned 4 music CD’s and bought an audio book on tape. I got the DaVinci code. The harry potter books on CD (which i borrowd from Jaime) are the only thing that saved my sanity when I made a 12-hour drive to MD for Leila and Brian’s wedding back in 2001. At least i’ll have Liz to talk to and won’t have to do all the driving. I’m meeting her at Brannon’s at 8:30, so I need to hurry up and get my 4.5 hours of sleep and fight rush hour tomorrow. I wonder if i should take the first driving shift or not :-/ Might be better to split it into 3 hour sets. We’ll see, I guess. Wish us a safe trip. I hope to have a new gallery filled with photos from the trip.

Summer has started – Wednesday June 23, 2004

Wednesday June 23, 2004 1:50PM
Just shy of a week since my last entry, but that’s alright… noone reads this thing anyway! Last weekend I ended up driving to Athens with Iffy for a ‘casual party’ thrown by Cat and Bryan (the two in the front), and another couple that are engaged to be married. Iffy was driving, and we took a what I knew to be a wrong turn halfway down 316. Long story short, we ended up driving to Athens through Dacula and Winder, GA and taking the LONG way around the Athens loop. I blame bad signs and mapquest! Erik and Angie ended up making the same mistake due to using mapquest. It usually works okay, but when it misses, it REALLY misses.
Athens get-together Dad

athens and tn

I spent my sunday going to, hanging out in, and driving back from Tennessee for Father’s day. My sister and my nephew, Jalen was there, as well as some visitors from Jefferson City. We cooked some food on the barbecue and talked. Lots of driving this weekend, but I surmise that I’ll be logging even more hours in the car this coming weekend. I did some more google sleuthing and happened upon the website for
the songham taekwondo world championships
that i’m going to this weekend. I briefly toyed with the idea of entering, but then when I couldn’t find the top to my old gi when i was at home this past Sunday, so I gave up on the idea. I’m waaaay out of practice anyway.

My trip this weekend means that I will miss open gym/work this Friday. Boo-hoo πŸ™‚
Working at a gym isn’t bad, but its certainly not my calling. Nevertheless, check out this clip of me doing some horrible front fulls off of one of our tumble trampolines. (Ok, maybe not that horrible, but i can usually do better). You might need the DivX codec in order to view the clip if you don’t already have it, but the animated gif thumbnail should still work without it (snazzy, eh?) DivX makes a pretty good video player as well.

Fun with the tumble tramp and crash mat at work

tumbletramp.avi (2.0MB)

Fitness Nicole is now up! After I hook Nicole up with an html editor (and figure out how to use it so that I can teach her how), we should be good to go. I use notepad, and so am not familiar with the ins and outs of WYSIWYG editors… though I *have* used them to do quick screenshot-type page grabs for dynamic external sites (check my previous entries for examples). I’m going to give her Mozilla composer… but only if it can handle ftp’ing files over to the server. (Makes it easier for her to jump right in)

In other/older news. NO WORD on my shirt. I haven’t brought it up with Kelly in about a week. She claims that she left it in the back room/office after she picked it up and doesn’t know what happened to it. I asked Daniel if anyone had given it to him (per a rumor i heard), but he hasn’t seen it. Time to make some more trouble i guess. I have my doubts about finding it this long after it disappeared, though.

New goodies for me and for you – Thursday June 17, 2004

Thursday June 17, 2004 2:45PM

My roommate took care of the cable stuff, so net access is back to normal.

I spent about 4 hours over at my Aunt’s house last night fixing Shawn’s computer (a P3-450 that I gave him a few months ago). He somehow got a virus on it. I’m 90% certain he got it via email since he was using Outlook Express as his email reader (after i made pains to delete it when i gave it to him)… and it seems to have been a pif virus (natal!.pif). About one hour was spent trying to find/install drivers for the DSL modem (which was already working without my realizing it) via Bellsouth’s horrible flash-driven install program (which crashed and hung every time i used it). The computer was still acting wierd, so I might have to do a fresh install on it sometime soon in the future.

After I got home last night, I looked up some camera reviews on the net for the S410 I ordered. THEN I decided to try and find some reviews on the company/reseller that I ordered my camera from ( I was not ready for what I found.


Those are absolutely *the* most horrible reviews I’ve ever read about anything on the net before. Those are just a few of the reviews, and there were many many more, the vast majority of them scathing. There was a whole other site filled with reviews that were just as bad.

Needless to say, I did not have a good feeling about my purchase, and was worried about when and what condition my camera would arrive in. I decided to call in the morning when I woke up to inquire as to: 1.Why I hadn’t received an email following my purchase 2.Whether the camera had shipped. I had my doubts and planned to cancel the order if it hadn’t shipped yet. (I even had a nightmare that night about having to negotiate with customer service to cancel the order and get my money back).

The next morning (this morning) at about 10AM, I called and asked about my order. The sales-person told me that not only had my order already shipped, but it was due for arrival later today! He gave me a tracking number and sure enough, that was indeed the case. At around 1:05PM the DHL guy handed me the package with camera … a whole 4-5 days ahead of the promised arrival date. Nice! Also, with all the proper accessories in the box that it is supposed to come with.
I just got done taking my first picture with it, but I have to leave for work at the gym soon. I will post it with this entry after I get back tonight.

Friday 1:52AM
Not too bad a day at the gym, I ended up taking some video with the camera as well. It records in uncompressed AVI format, so I am going to recompile the 22 second clip with a more compressed format. Here are the picture and video:

First photo: My PPG poster

1704×2272 (888KB)

First Video: Rewind Stunt

320×240 1.78MB

Not too shabby, eh? It was a pain in the but finding a converter for the avi file. I won an auction for two spare batteries on ebay for my camera, but the seller is trying to tack on a $4 insurance charge. That doesn’t seem like much, but besides the fact that they DID NOT say anything about this surcharge via email (when i inquired about shipping costs), and the fact it wasn’t listed or referred to in any way in the auction, and taking into accound that the the grand total (shipping included) is only $13.48… I don’t feel like I should pay it. I guess we’ll see what happens. I’ve already gotten 1 non-payer bidding warning, this might make 2 πŸ™‚ (3 and you’re out).

My next task is to find a small case for it that will fit in my pocket and hold a spare battery or two.


My camera is on the way – June 16, 2004 12:29AM

Wendesday June 16, 2004 12:29AM
This post is being made via a pirated wireless connection! I woke up this morning to find out our cable modem internet access wasn’t working (DNS worked, but no packets or trace routes would). After inspection of the hardware here, a quick chat session online with comcast support (also via the pirated signal) revealed that our account has an oustanding balance (60 days past due). My roommate handles that stuff. Luckily, one of our neighbors has DSL and and Linksys router without any encryption, which is how i was able to: 1. Buy my camera 2. Find out why our internet didn’t work 3. Post this blog

Well, I did it. I went ahead and ordered a digital camera. The Canon Powershot S410 from FotoConnection at a cost of $319. All the ebay auctions I had been following ended around that price. The Best Buys/Compusa/Circuit city stores all carry the exact same camera for $399, so I should be able to easily recoup my investment if I have to farther along down the line. It came down to a choice between the 4MPixel S410 and the 5Mpixel Sony Cybershot W1, which was $349. In the end, I decided that taking 2592×1944 (5 MPixel) shots vs 2272 x 1704 (4 MPixel) wasn’t enough of an incentive to negate the s410’s compact size (which is what attracted me to it in the first place). Instead of the 640×480 movie mode, I get 320 x 240, which is alright by me. The 128MB memory card I ordered with teh camera will also give me a little bit more mileage with a 4MPixel. The total was $386, which included $17 shipping from Great Neck, New York. They said it would get here in a week (which means 1.5-2wk, i bet). Hopefully it will arrive in time for my trip to Little Rock!

Hmm, i probably overreacted yesterday about my lost t-shirt. It is a t-shirt, after all. I talked to Kelly, who wasn’t sure what happened to it. She thinks it was put into a box somewhere, but didn’t make much of an effort to look for it. I tried to track her down after the last class tonight, but she had already left. No matter. I’ll bug her about it everyday till revelations are made. Speaking of things missing from the gym…. Adam said that someone went into his car and took $25 out of his wallet, and his checkbook! He always parks it right by the side of the building. Looks like I won’t be leaving my doors open anymore.
Also today, one of the mom’s brought in a kitten that had been rescued out of a sewer! It had a gaping hole in it’s neck where the vetrinarian had removed a worm from it. Sad, i know. The mom was a little squeamish about applying an ointment to the area, per the vet’s instructions, so i held the little bugger down and squirted it in there (I imagine it was an anti-biotic to prevent infection). Poor guy was mewing from discomfort, but i was glad to help. It sure made me hope that *I* never get worms. You won’t soon catch me going barefoot or running around in a sewer!

I got an email today saying that a friend of mine that runs my bible study is in the hospital, so I am going to visit her tomorrow. I also got a call from my cousin whom seems to have managed to delete the MBR (master boot record) on the computer I gave him a few months ago. I’m heading over there tomorrow to try to get it up and running. Since bible study is now cancelled, i’ll have all night to fix it i guess.

That is all this episode. Time to enjoy my new state of poverty after shelling out almmost ~$400 on a toy i don’t need :-). At least i’ll have some awesome pictures for the website!


P.S. Yahoo just upgraded everyone’s email to 100mb (can you say ‘worried about gmail’?). Nice upgrade, but who cares. Pop access would be better, but they still want to charge $20 a year for that. Thank goodness for yahoo! pops

#$@# Gym took my shirt – Monday June 14, 2004 11:26PM

Monday June 14, 2004 11:26PM
Bad mood. Someone took/misplaced/threw out my shirt at the gym today. Everyone I asked said that Kelly (one of the owners) had it and was asking people whom it belonged to. Noone asked ME even though I had it on for almost an hour when I arrived. I discovered it was missing at the end of the night when I was gathering my things to go home. Kelly had already left. 3 calls and one voicemail have produced no revelations as to the whereabouts of my shirt. It better not have been thrown away. They already threw my sneakers away 3 months ago with the lost-and found clothes, which were tucked away in a corner at THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE GYM AWAY FROM THE LOST AND FOUND CLOTHES. Noone reimbursed me for them. They cost $50. That is a whole day’s work for me. Noone has admitted to taking them. They even tore down the missing flyers i put up for them. Remiss doesn’t even describe that attitude for their liability. If nothing ever comes of my shirt, I just might haul them into small claims court. If i charge them for the missing items and court fees, i bet that will put a halt to throwing my belongings away. I hate to take my friends to small claims court, but they aren’t comporting themselves as ‘friends’ in this situation by their relative actions and inaction.

I guess i’ll decide tomorrow after I talk to Kelly and find out where my shirt is.


GroupLink at Northpoint – Sunday June 13, 2004 10:21PM

Sunday June 13, 2004 10:21PM
Well, it would have been nice if someone had let me know that the gym
(i currently work at a cheerleading gym… why don’t you hire me? so that I can use my degree?) was closed today. That way I could have saved a 30 minute round trip up there and back. I was worried for a little bit about having to return later for a possible private lesson, but that lesson was later canceled via a phone call. Problem solved, i suppose.

I used my new found free time to drive to Sam’s and pick up lasagne to eat during the week. Didn’t have my membership card with me, so I had to spend about 10 minutes in line getting a temporary one. While there I checked out their digital cameras. Their prices aren’t bad, but not great either. I thought I’d found a deal when I saw the Fuji FinePix F700, a seemingly 6.2MPixel camera for $357. Too good to be true? After some digging on the net for camera reviews… apparently there is a bit of controversy and ‘creative marketing’ at play here. From a review at Digital Camera

The Fuji FinePix F700 is billed as a 6-megapixel camera, but is it really? Even though the camera can create 6-megapixel images with its new SuperCCD SR sensor, the sensor’s dual pixel design (3.1 million pixels for dark areas and 3.1 million for bright areas) have prompted many reviewers to point out that in reality the F700 is just a 3.1-megapixel camera. This controversy aside, the camera produces top-notch video and offers impressive speed.

Hmm, and to think I was falling for that nonsense! The movie mode is nice (30fps @ 640×480 no sound, 320×240 w/sound), but I am going to keep looking for a cam that is at least 4MPixel for now. I’ve asked Aaron’s brother in Japan to check on prices on the Canon s400, s400, and Sony Cybershot W1. If i can get any of those for around $260, then I’ll buy (not too likely).

Today was my first foray into the Northpoint Church singles ministry. Today was an introductory meeting called GroupLink where they try to match you up with a weekly group of 6-8 people (by gender). There were about 250 people there(!). Even the staffers were surprised at the turnout. It was a little bit daunting, I sat at the Roswell Area table and struck up a conversation with a guy named Kirk. After they split the men off and had us mingle around to link up with groups, I was recognized by a very old friend. *Another* guy I started college with! Justin Craig (see my 6/5/04 Movie outing entry for a similar event). Justin recognized my face, but couldnt’ remember where he knew me from. As soon as I jogged his memory we chatted about church, school, what we’d been up to (he is going to seminary in Dallas, TX and is in town over the summer), and old friends from school. I’m going to put him in touch with his old roommate from that 1995 summer quarter, Bert Reeves. They lived right next door to me on the first floor in Howell dorm. My most vivid memory of them is the arguments they used to always have, and Bert standing up on a chair and announcing that he would become someone’s boss after he graduated πŸ™‚ .
Besides Justin, I only talked to one small groups person there. I’m don’t know how much I want to start a new group, but I do know that I don’t have a burning desire to leave my current one (even though my attendance gets spotty at times). I would do two of them, but I don’t have the free time in the evenings to do that (due to my job at the gym). I’ll talk it over with David and solicit his opinion on Wednesday.


P.S. I made the web log entry titles visible. I didn’t even know they were there before! They had been set the same color as the background due to an oversight by yours truly. Enjoy them in their dark-purpleness.

New web log! Weekend plans abound – June 12, 2004

Saturday June 12, 2004 7:16PM
Geez! I just spent about 15 minutes writing the next entry only to have a shitty website( crash my browser, and hose all the text in the form I was using. Your site has to suck pretty bad if it can crash Mozilla 1.7RC2. I won’t be visiting there again.

Well, here we go again… I’ll use notepad this time and just paste it….

I am sleepy from my lack of sleep last night, and the 2 days of free time spent working on the website. Namely, this new and improved web log, which is much improved over the old version. After doing a few entries under the old one, I was quickly growing weary of typing in the same tags and links every time I made an entry. I use notepad to create all my css and html, so you can imagine how repetitive it can get. After a quick bit of web sleuthing with google, I happened upon blogger, a popular but previously-unknown-to-me blog (web log) site. Blogger lets you create and maintain your own web log off-site! For free, even. It also allows you to totally hack up and change the CSS and html template used to generate your blog!
So, my free time in the past 2 days has been spent adapting my original blog page design and adapting the blogger CSS accordingly. In the course of figuring out how their template worked, I did happen to pick up a few handy CSS tricks. The result is what you see before you. One drawback to blogger is the inability to properly import old entries into their system. As a result, i’m using a partially hand-coded workaround to display the old entries. This one will be the first properly dated ‘current’ one.

Besides poking around on the web, I’ve been making a few plans here and there. Tomorrow, I plan to make my first visit to the singles bible study at Northpoint church. I attend service there, but usually watch from the hall as a result of arriving late (probably not a viable option with the bible study). Then next weekend there is a wedding shower of some sort in Athens, and also a trip home to Knoxville for Father’s Day. The weekend after that I have been invited to watch a friend compete in the ‘World Tae KwonDo tournament’ in Little Rock! How awesome is that? I’m excited. We will do some sightseeing as well, but I don’t have all the detail yet. I’ll have to borrow a digital camera for the trip. I haven’t been to a martial arts competition since 1993 or 1994 when I was competing. Tae kwon do tournaments are a little different though. Tae kwon do schools usually hold their own competitions separate from other karate schools due to different rules. It should be an interesting trip.

Today I went to Dirt Cheep Music and Atlanta Pro Percussion (the aforementioned crappy website) with Aaron and his girlfriend, Katie. Aaron was looking for new triggers/pads for the electronic drum set that our friend Iffy gave to him. New ones cost about $100 at Atlanta Pro percussion, but Dirt Cheep Music had some used ones for $20 apeice! They were drum practice pads that someone had opened up and converted into electronic pads by putting triggers inside them and running a line back out. Pretty ingenious. I’ll put a picture up of them when i get my hands on a camera.
I’m going to spend the rest of the day tidying up and maybe heading to the park to exercise off some of the dinner i ate (1 lbs cheeseburger from Cheeburger Cheeburger (not good for me, i know… but its my only meal today). Then i’ll have to job hunt since I haven’t had a chance to yet this weekend.
Ah, it will be nice to copy, paste, and then post this to my website with one click of the button πŸ™‚



Up too late – Thursday June 10, 2:41AM

Thursday June 10, 2:41AM
Bah. Up too late again. Welcome to the new web log section on riftwave! Nothing fancy, but it sure did take me long enough to play around and piece together what I wanted. Orange and green… I have *no* idea how I ended up with those particular colors, but it looks like it will work (for now, anyways).

Eventful past few days for me. I most of this past weekend with my Brannon, Valerie, and Jake. A very nice change from staying cooped up in my room communicating solely via IM (I REALLY need to get out more, its no wonder I rarely meet new folks). We played Balderdash (Brannon won), and watched Princess Mononoke (as well as the 3rd Potter flick). There was a trip to whitewater on Sunday, but I *thought* that I had to teach 2 private lessons at the gym so I didn’t go. None of my lessons showed up, though.

Blame the lack of web page updates on this Jedi Academy video game I’ve been playing. Its also the reason my sleep schedule has gone awry, but that will be fixed as soon as I finish this entry and upload the new changes to riftwave. No, still no photo gallery design/layout, but I did make that groovy fixed-position header with cross-faded pictures! Not much, but its my first attempt at a photo-collage (yes, i used photoshop, doesn’t everyone?).
Sarah visiting Liz

Too much sun

I have decided that I want one of 3 digital cameras (since I have none), which would be very helpful since I’m going to have a website. The Canon S400, S410, S500, or the Sony Cybershot W1. They are all rather expensive :-(. Maybe i’ll catch a break on an auction or refurb model.

In other news, I did not make it to my bible study today in Acworth. I submitted 3 or 4 resumes to what seemed to be potential leads for lab tech-type jobs. Its not chemical engineering, but its a step in the right direction. I also talked to Liz and Sarah a bit via IM. Its hard to catch Liz because she keeps opposite work hours from me, and actually has a life away from the keyboard ;-). Josh, if you are out there… sorry about the percieved ommision, man! I have rectified the situation in the Pals Photo Gallery, even though there was already a pic in the Other Photo Gallery. How about an IM or an email one of these days?

P.S. Starcrossed, the season 2 finale of Justice League was great! Its rare that I enjoy a movie as much as I did watching the 90-minute episode on Saturday. Definitely check it out if you’re a superhero fan.

Movie outing with some folks – June 5, 12:45PM

Saturday June 5, 12:45PM
Greetings! I saw the new Harry Potter movie last night (The Prisoner of Azkaban) with some friends. Natalie, Valerie, Brannon, Beth, Jake (who was in town visiting for 5 days), Anna (a friend of Beth’s), and Dawn (a friend of Natalie’s). I think everyone enjoyed the evening, even though the interaction was a little disjointed due to having to eat at 2 tables and take 2 cars. I ended up speaking with Jake most of the time. Even though he lives in Tallahassee, i see him more often than I do Beth and Natalie. Peculiar.
Natalie Bran and Val

Natalie and Beth

Whilst in line for the showing, I saw two faces that I remembered from school. Laura Brennan, and Shonda Gaskins, who started school the very same summer quarter I did. We used to hang out a pretty fair amount back in ’95, but our paths diverged big-time after fall quarter started.
A little chatting was done. Laura was even taller than I remembered, but she and Shonda still had the same amiable and personable qualities I recalled. Curious that I should run into them. I had just been wondering about another friend I met that same quarter… but whose email I have, so I can keep in touch.

No sweeping site changes to speak of. I added VerΓΊ to the pals photo gallery and uploaded my resume. I have also decided to make a seperate page/section for the web log, though I will still keep an abriged version here on the front page. The expanded version will have visual aids and even more juicy (boring) info! Yipee πŸ˜‰

To design or not to design

Its been two days and I still haven’t nailed down a design or much content for the website. If this web log gets much larger i’ll have to dedicate a section for it instead of just encapsulating it in a tiny div.

You may or may not realize that much of the CSS i’m using here was pilfered/inspired from CSS/EDGE by Eric Meyer. A great site to learn some flashy CSS techniques. (My implementation is that of a layman, unoriginal and rough around the edges).
Maybe i’ll pass this url around and see what people think of it so far. I really hope i make a layout decision for the photo galleries

Memorial Day weekend

Oops, haven’t written anything in the journal for over a week! Turns out that the photo gallery was the first thing to go online, albeit unformatted. I still haven’t decided on the best way to display the pictures and navigation menu, but i’ll try to come up with something this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, its memorial day weekend. Today I went to Target looking for those cheap t-shirts i passed up last week. I also helped Valerie+Brannon+The Ramseys paint the stairs. I would have stayed longer, but I had to get to Aaron’s apt to feed his cat, and put his new drum set together (that iffy game him). After doing that I got distracted playing SimCity4 for about 40 min and then came back to watch the best episode of Justice League i’ve ever seen. Not a bad day… though i’m unsure as to whether the gym is open tomorrow or not. I have private lessons tomorrow, so they might not know? I’ll have to show up just in case :-/

Domain is working

Hurrah! The domain finally kicked in and started working late last night! I guess this means i’d better get to working on the websites! I think i’ll start with the photo gallery and my older web-pages from college and work from there. My old Deity comic site is already up. ( Incidentally, that comic is where I got the idea for the domain name.

Updates will probably be very slow, I have a small gaggle of trivial tasks to complete at the moment… though admittely half of them have to do with this new website… and there is work of course (which I have to leave for in 4 hours). I need to start waking up earlier than 11 (and find a better job, etc..) Stay tuned to my friend’s site as well. I have no idea what she’s going to put on it; maybe her portfolio.


Ah, I finally have webspace to call my own again. A wiser person would probably have created a website FIRST and subsequently put it online, but not me (apparently). The domain name still hasn’t been fully processed, but that should be up and working within 2 days. In the meantime, i’ll have plenty to do, like setting up accounts/access for the person i’m sharing the site with. Who knows if this blog will even make it onto the page.