I’m still around. I swear it

I feel like this web log is a poor neglected child. The last post I made (*ahem* 3 months ago) had a quick rundown on a few of the happenings and goings on in the time leading up to that post, so I will do the same here.
*Late November: My parents have mov to Lockerbie, Scotland! They will be living there for two years as my Dad works on a project with his company. As a result I am forced to switch cell-phone service providers and finally retire my previous-century’s model Startac in favor of a Motorola RAZR.
*My Canon S410 Elph Digital Camera dies after my attempt to fix the retractable lens problem (very common Canon Elph problem, apparently). 1-2 months later I purchase a Casio EX-S500 as a replacement.
*In January, I got myself swept up in a whirlwind romance with a very lovely and intelligent girl. An Emory senior, at times she seems to be almost as fickle as she is pretty… and so our romance only endured for one month.

Today is a very chilly Sunday (30°) and the 2nd day of the annual Cheersport Nationals Cheerleading Competitionat the Georgia World Congress Center. I attended yesterday (all our teams in first except for coed, whom I did not hear news of), but I will not be returning today. The rest of the day’s plans involve some self study in Japanese (answer pen-pal email, try to transcribe lyrics in “My Back Pages” by the Magokoro Bros), and hopefully a bit of Chinese (practical chinese reader). I also have to make a trip down to Emory to return a scarf…. hopefully that trip will bring more good things than it portends 🙂

Iffy had a birthday party yesterday at his house. I met a few interesting folks (art students, I think… but older than me), but then I left about an hour earlier than I normally would have to catch the 2nd/3rd to last episode of Full Metal Alchemist (yeah, i’m hooked). I grabbed a few photos that I might put up later.

Más tarde….

**PS** I forgot to add:
*Natalie ended her service with the Peace Corps in December. She is back in the States and is moving to Denver in a week to semi start anew/continue where she left off/find the love of her life. Here’s to hoping we can stay close( r) even though you’re going farther away.

Natalie and I (with Valerie) at dinner at an old college hangout (Eats on Ponce)

***Oh yeah…. bigger icons now! 150×150, baby!

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