Back to the story?

By my count, there has been a 3-month hiatus since my last entry. It is probably a bit of a cop-out to chalk it up to being busy… but that explanation is probably closest to the truth. In my 3-month absence from blogging I have:
1. Gotten a regular full time job (I work in sales, but am still working at the gym 2 nights a week)
2. Taken up yet another new hobby…. motorcycling! (I got a Suzuki GS500 about 2.5 months ago). This includes a trip to a WERA bike race where my friend Keith took 3rd in the nation!
3. Found out that my parents are moving to LONDON in about 3 weeks (they’ll be there for TWO YEARS)
4. Made preperations to try to get my life in more general order ( finally got a GA license, etc etc)
5. Been *trying* to get out and make/meet new friends (very little success with this thus far… my experience has been that its a hard thing to do unless you bar-hop or already have a lot friends that introduce you to other people)

I shall expound and elaborate on my adventures since this past summer, but as I type this I am sitting in a Mayflower hotel room in downtown Washington D.C. (I’m here for work, so I haven’t had a chance to visit my old homes in Springfield and Burke), and I have to meet my managers and co-workers down in the lobby in short order, so time is fleeting at the moment.

Photos to come….


P.S. YOu know, i might write more if i heard from you guys more often 😛

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