A Saturday with Sarah

My weekend was saved from inevitable boredom by Sarah, who called me up earlier in the week to let me know that she had recently arrived in town from her soon-to-be-ex-home in Virginia Beach. The last time I had seen Sarah was at her wedding, 10 months ago. Our schedules didn’t allow us to hang out and catch up until the weekend, so we decided to meet up on Saturday (yesterday) and to start things off with lunch. We met at Aaron & Iffy’s apartment, visited with them for a while and then headed out to Thai Chili for lunch just after noon. Since we both had the entire day to do whatever, I went with her to spend the afternoon looking at and test driving cars. Sarah and Tony are moving to Utah, and she is thinking of buying a Subaru Forrester to replace her ailing ’92 Honda Civic. The Forrester is so popular out in the midwest region of the US that they actually mark all of the cars up at the dealerships, so checking the prices at a dealership here in Georgia seemed like a good idea.
The first of our two stops was at the Subaru dealership located on Satellite Blvd in Duluth. We test drove an ’06 Forrester and then an ’06 Outback. After leaving Subaru, we went to the Carmax off of Beaver Ruin Rd in Norcross. There, we test drove an ’05 Honda CRV, an ’02 RAV-4, and a Honda Accord. They didn’t have any Forresters in stock so we didn’t test drive any of them there.

After an exhausting few hours of car shopping, we met back up with Aaron and his girlfriend, Katie and went to the Marble Slab Creamery in Buckhead for some ice cream. The original plan was to go to a Coldstone (which I prefer to Marble Slab), but the directions we had took us to Marble Slab instead. I had a scoop of key lime and one of sweet cream on a waffle cone. Aaron and Katie had plans to head north to Reed’s house for some buffalo wings, but Sarah and I opted to see a movie instead. We decided on “The Island” since I vetoed “Fantastic Four” (seen it already), and “War of the Worlds” (looked uninteresting).
Unfortunately, we sat through about 30 MINUTES of ads before the movie started. The movie itself was pretty entertaining, especially the first half. There was quite a bit of eyecandy (Scarlett Johanssen notwithstanding) and the script sorted of dumbed itself down towards the end, but no movie is perfect (though Spiderman 2″ comes close!).

After the movie I took her back to her poor, beat up Civic with no AC and we went our seperate ways. She’s supposed to be in and out of town for the next month, so perhaps there is more hanging out to come!

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