Fantastic Four

Although this movie is based upon the comic book of the same name, I can’t help feeling that the title is misleading as I found little fantastic about the movie at all.

I saw this movie Friday night at Regal Medlock Crossing (just a few hours ago) with a group of 4 other folks (Susi, Dane and 2 other people). If you are planning on seeing it in the theater for the experience, then I would strongly advise you save your money and add it to your Netflix/rental rotation instead. Unfortunately, the movie has little to offer and pales….just PALES in comparison the likes of Spiderman 2 (best superhero movie ever) or even X-men 2 (best sequel to a movie I’ve ever seen). The technical productive aspects are all there…. special effects, CG animation, great sets and competent actors. In my opinion, its mostly the script, and partly the execution that is to blame. The first 40 minutes of the movie are pretty interesting, half of the characters have thinly (if at all) veiled issues and resentment with/of one another which helped to make this part of the very-predictable plot a bit less bland than it could have been. However, after they quartet discover their new powers… the characters all run around not doing much of anything. Bad guys (Dr. Doom) do bad stuff without a logical/apparent purpose, and the good guys walk around not doing anything worthy of mention. There are (of course) scenes where their powers are used, but only in very contrived and underwhelming circumstances that are so forgettable that they are already fuzzy recollections to me.

If you haven’t been able to tell yet, I was very unimpressed with the movie. Unless you have some sort of irresistible compulsion to see it no matter how trite and average it is, I would wait to borrow/rent it… and even then only if nothing better were immediately available.

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