Cumpleaños al Azteca

I tagged along with Nicole and her new roommate, Shannon to a birthday get-together at a restauraunt in the Poncey-Highlands (El Azteca) last night. It was alright. There were two people there that I hadn’t talked to in a little bit. All the girls there were former University of Alabama cheerleaders, so there were some stares when they toasted the Crimson Tide (I think all of the guys there were former cheerleaders as well, but not from Bama). Nicole and her new roommate are both Atlanta Falcons cheerleaders and get to go to Japan this August with the football team! It seems that almost everyone I know besides me has made it over there at some point or another. One of these days, hopefully.

As for today, I don’t have any plans whatsoever. Its been rainy here, maybe partially because of hurricane dennis which is out and about in the carribbean. Natalie was supposed to fly out to Jamaica tomorrow, but the weather will probably delay her flight. I’d like to call, but her phone is probably already ringing off the hook with folks she’d rather talk to than I. Maybe….

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