GroupLink at Northpoint – Sunday June 13, 2004 10:21PM

Sunday June 13, 2004 10:21PM
Well, it would have been nice if someone had let me know that the gym
(i currently work at a cheerleading gym… why don’t you hire me? so that I can use my degree?) was closed today. That way I could have saved a 30 minute round trip up there and back. I was worried for a little bit about having to return later for a possible private lesson, but that lesson was later canceled via a phone call. Problem solved, i suppose.

I used my new found free time to drive to Sam’s and pick up lasagne to eat during the week. Didn’t have my membership card with me, so I had to spend about 10 minutes in line getting a temporary one. While there I checked out their digital cameras. Their prices aren’t bad, but not great either. I thought I’d found a deal when I saw the Fuji FinePix F700, a seemingly 6.2MPixel camera for $357. Too good to be true? After some digging on the net for camera reviews… apparently there is a bit of controversy and ‘creative marketing’ at play here. From a review at Digital Camera

The Fuji FinePix F700 is billed as a 6-megapixel camera, but is it really? Even though the camera can create 6-megapixel images with its new SuperCCD SR sensor, the sensor’s dual pixel design (3.1 million pixels for dark areas and 3.1 million for bright areas) have prompted many reviewers to point out that in reality the F700 is just a 3.1-megapixel camera. This controversy aside, the camera produces top-notch video and offers impressive speed.

Hmm, and to think I was falling for that nonsense! The movie mode is nice (30fps @ 640×480 no sound, 320×240 w/sound), but I am going to keep looking for a cam that is at least 4MPixel for now. I’ve asked Aaron’s brother in Japan to check on prices on the Canon s400, s400, and Sony Cybershot W1. If i can get any of those for around $260, then I’ll buy (not too likely).

Today was my first foray into the Northpoint Church singles ministry. Today was an introductory meeting called GroupLink where they try to match you up with a weekly group of 6-8 people (by gender). There were about 250 people there(!). Even the staffers were surprised at the turnout. It was a little bit daunting, I sat at the Roswell Area table and struck up a conversation with a guy named Kirk. After they split the men off and had us mingle around to link up with groups, I was recognized by a very old friend. *Another* guy I started college with! Justin Craig (see my 6/5/04 Movie outing entry for a similar event). Justin recognized my face, but couldnt’ remember where he knew me from. As soon as I jogged his memory we chatted about church, school, what we’d been up to (he is going to seminary in Dallas, TX and is in town over the summer), and old friends from school. I’m going to put him in touch with his old roommate from that 1995 summer quarter, Bert Reeves. They lived right next door to me on the first floor in Howell dorm. My most vivid memory of them is the arguments they used to always have, and Bert standing up on a chair and announcing that he would become someone’s boss after he graduated πŸ™‚ .
Besides Justin, I only talked to one small groups person there. I’m don’t know how much I want to start a new group, but I do know that I don’t have a burning desire to leave my current one (even though my attendance gets spotty at times). I would do two of them, but I don’t have the free time in the evenings to do that (due to my job at the gym). I’ll talk it over with David and solicit his opinion on Wednesday.


P.S. I made the web log entry titles visible. I didn’t even know they were there before! They had been set the same color as the background due to an oversight by yours truly. Enjoy them in their dark-purpleness.
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