Frisbee Golf

East Roswell park is about 0.5 miles from where I live. I had noticed some land/path clearing work that was going on in the park during some of my occasional jogging trips to and from the park… but didn’t realize that they were building an 18-hole frisbee golf course until a few weeks ago when I saw some people playing as I drove past.

So, this past Sunday while I was buying a mother’s day gift at sports authority, I purchased a frisbee-golf disc. Apparently there is only one manufacturer of frisbee golf discs that has a near monopoly on the market, since the 3 different retailers I visited on sunday carried the same brand of frisbee-golf disc. I’ll have to visit I.F.O. (Identified Flying Objects) in Little 5-points to check out some other brands/discs.

My first outing was almost as frustrating as my first traditional golf outing. Many inaccurate tosses and venturing off into the woods. I spent almost 20 minutes looking for my $9 frisbee on the 4th hole. It was lodged in a bramble-patch in a way that the only visible part was the slim profile, making it too difficult to pick out the first TEN times I searched that spot.

I had an ok time (hey, it got me out of the house), but I got tired/thirsty after 11 holes since I hadn’t had lunch that day at all. I plan to return regularly and work on my game since it is so close and so free. Maybe I’ll even convince some people to come play with me one of these days.

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