May day

I’ve done a horrible job these past 3 months of keeping a blog. In order to increase the frequency of my posts, I will keep them short.

Bought a pool table today. 8ft slate with a ball return. I wouldn’t ordinarily spend money on something like that… but it was VERY cheap, and I figured the gym would eventually buy it back from me since that is where I have put it. Its a HEAVY BITCH. My estimate is ~300 lbs or so. Ryan drove down with me from the gym and he and Scott (i bought it from Scott, a Tech student) helped me load it into a trailer towed by my roommate’s (Erik) Durango. It was quite an operation.

I started authoring DVD movies with my burner. So far I’ve just burned one movie and a clip that I found on the net. I’m supposed to reauthor two clips for Keith, Reed’s roommate.

Jayhawks is being very evasive about giving me my last paycheck. I worked 26 hours the last week while all their workers were out at banquets and goofing off. I might go in with the other guys they have stiffed (amazingly, all the people that don’t work at their gym anymore) on their last paychecks on a small claims court thing. I hate when people involve me in their conflicts. The problem causer is a guy named Brent Halcomb. If you come across him, hold on to your wallet and watch your back.

My aunt’s husband Delroy has passed away. Cancer. It only got diagnosed about a month ago. I had not seen him in years, but I had a lot of interaction with him in my younger years when my family lived closer to Brooklyn. 🙁 I’ll post a photo if i can find one.

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