2005 so far

Happy new year, folks. I wonder what 2005 will hold. Its presented one surprise for me already, even after a somewhat slow, unremarkable start. I was told about 3 different parties (I wasn’t sure whether Nicole had invited me to hers or not), but I opted to stay home since I didn’t have a burning desire to party the night away. When the clock struck midnight, I was relaxing in a chair in my room.

The surprise came in the form of an impromptu trip to Piedmont park with my friend Natalie (on the right, not to be confused with Natalie-the-dancer). I was running an errand or two to in Buckhead in order get myself out of the house, and it was such a nice day that I called her to see if she would meet me at the park. Luckily, she was free and met me there about 30 minutes later. Footballs were tossed, and soccer balls were kicked (once again, Natalie proved to be a very quick study). We also sat and watched some bikers, skaters and skateboarders showing off tricks by the front of the park. Its the second trip with her to Piedmont park in about 5 years. It was a good outing, so there’s a fair likelihood of another such future trip.

Other friends that I called were out of town, nursing hangovers from partying, or not answering their phones. No worries, though… in this case all was well that ended well. It turns out that I might be attending fusion at Northpoint, per Natalie’s invitation. Hmm, I wonder whether I would better fit with the early 20’s crowd or late 20’s/early 30’s crowd? I have a feeling its the former even though i’m 27! (dang, i’m getting older for sure… wiser seems to be another story, though).

ETA for fusion is early February. In the meantime I need to make arrangements to take the GRE. 2005, here I come.

-EDIT- I just found out that one of the folks who didn’t answer their phone failed to do so because they threw their cell phone in the water. Deep water, apparently… and on purpose! Heh, having a bad temper can be an expensive habit 🙂

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