Time to hunker down

Shame on me for not checking my mail. I ended up wasting a GT homecoming football ticket because I couldn’t see the letter containing the ticket which my friend, Josh had sent to me. It might have helped to know ahead of time that it was being sent, but those are moot points (he said that he might or might not send it, but never followed up). Besides the unused (and still unopened) football-ticket-letter, I got 2 flush letters from companies I vaguely remember sending resumes too. I didn’t open them, I just scanned them through the envelope by holding them up to a bright light.

My URL-mate Beth sent me two preparation CD’s for the GRE, all the way from Savannah! Hooray! Thanks, Beth. I can now add it to the list of productive activities to do while in the house (which I am much of the time). This past week i’ve been doing a mediocre job of sending off resumes, so I need to get on it this coming week.

I’ve recently changed up my studying-japanese routine. Instead of translating short paragraphs from the Asahi Sinbum Jingo Tensei for myself (and then comparing them with their english versions, I have been translating jokes from english into japanese and sending them to a person from friendster whom I’ve never met. She is from Japan, so maybe I can get some feedback on my work (its slooow going, 1 joke probably takes me 3 cumulative hours, depending on the length).

Today, I got to Northpoint early in order to see one of my students (from tumbling class) sing in Kidstuff, a church service for children at Northpoint. I went in expecting it to be something of a show, but I was still suprised by how much of a production it was. My student was one of the ~dozen or so kids on stage singing and dancing during the introduction and finale. I was impressed. I’ve put a picture of the stage below (small photo that i had to steal and photoshop-together off the website, hence the wierd perspective/artifacts).

The rest of my day was spent at the gym doing one lesson and covering for yet someone else who was out. I’m trying to save up money to pay for rent during december and january, when the gym will be closed for about 3.5 weeks. Wish me luck!

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  1. Yay! You got them! Sorry it took me so long to dig them up in the mess of boxes I still haven’t unpacked, but I hope you find them useful. The real test is very very similar to the practice tests on the CD, so I liked it a lot better than trying to take the practice exams from the books. Good luck!!

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