I have decided that I should take the GRE and give very serious thought to grad school. I’ve been job searching to no avail for 3 years, and I don’t want to keep wasting time not learning/going forward.

I’m not sure exactly what I want to study in grad school. I am pretty certain that I dont’ want to study pure chemical engineering (what my undergrad degree is in). It’s as challenging as any other major, but I think i’d like to branch out a little bit.

After that, i’ll try to figure out where to go and how to finance it…. but i’ve got to take the test first


2 thoughts on “GRE”

  1. I would offer you my GRE books, but I think my mom took them to give to a friend of hers. 😛 I think I still have a computer program and a vocab builder if you are interested.

  2. Those both sound good. I’ll email you with my mailing address I guess; unless you’re planning to be in the Atlanta area anytime soon… hmmm, maybe for a private slumber party? Just the two of us? 😉


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