Six Flags over Georgia

Six Flags was fun. I finally got to ride most of the three new rollercoasters that I missed, or had been built since my trip during the last century (1995, GT student six flags trip during spring of my freshman year). Batman was probably my favorite, with Superman a close second.

The Batman ride pulled the most G’s i’ve ever pulled experienced on a ride. I could feel my vision start to blur for a tiny instant, presumably from blood rushing away from my head on the end of a loop. Superman would have been a LOT better if we’d stuck out the extra 6 minutes in line and waited for a spot at the front. The line for superman took FOREVER, and it was definitely one of the shorter (if not the shortest) ride we went on. We were in the second row of seats for superman, but we did get front row for Batman (also a short ride).

Fortunately, the first 4-5 rides we went on had short, fast moving lines (10 minutes or less). Superman and Thunder River (which I waited for, but did not ride for fear of soaking my digital camera) were about 30 minute waits…. and it wasn’t even a particularly busy day at the park as it was a Wednesday. I’ll make it a point to never visit Six Flags on a weekend if i can help it; all of the lines would probably take at least twice as long.

I haven’t put my photos from the outing online yet, but when I do I will put them here. One bad thing did happen. I think that I lost a spare CF memory card that I’d had in my pocket. I’m not sure if it fell out in the car or at the park. I only paid $15 for it… but it was a 128MB card, so that’s bad. I’ll probably eventually replace it with a 512 card to avoid having to carry around a spare (and possibly losing it) in the future.


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