Cat & Bryan’s Wedding

This entry is backdated 24hrs
Catherine Peisher is now Catherine Knight. The ceremony took place at the Milledge Avenue Baptist Church in Athens, Georgia, July 10, at about 5:30pm.

Alex was the best man. My old roommate Chris (Cat’s brother), Michael (also Cat’s brother), Iffy, and Bryan’s brother (whose name escapes me at the moment) were the groomsmen. The only bridesmaids of Cat’s I had met before were Geetha, Nikki, and Jenny (maid of honor). The reception was held at the Terrace Room of the Georgia Botanical Gardens. There was a 4 piece jazz band (replete with upright bass), an open bar (too bad i dont’ drink!), a tiny dance floor and seating both in and outdoors. Not super big, but not small either; a well-sized party. Celebrate your Atlantic City bachelor party on this location where you can have as much space as you need to host an amazing event.

The biggest surprise of the day was the attendace of Susi Rathman! Cat’s old suite-mate from the dorm whom I personally believed had tripped, stumbled and fell right off the edge of world. Noone (except for Cat, I guess) had heard from her in about 2 years but she brought the one most stunning wedding gowns in atlanta I’d ever seen for Cat to wear. Also in attendance were Eric, Angie, McGuiness, Sara (Alex’s girlfriend), and the indomitable Josh S (who knows a bit about falling of the edge of the earth himself). The reception was fun, but a disturbing trend has seemed to develop as a friend of mine at the wedding declined to add me (or anyone else) to her dance card. I was denied the same privilege last year by another friend at my old roommate’s wedding last year: that ceremony’s maid of honor. Hmm, my breath is ok and I don’t have any illegitimate children… what gives, ladies?

After the reception, I went with the bridesmaids and groomsmen to Nowhere Bar in downtown Athens (I dont’ usually hang out in bars). There was a little more red, black, and bulldog pictures than I am used to, but it was on okay way to close out the wedding trip. I left Athens at around 2AM and made it back home a bit after 3 in the morning.

Not too bad a Saturday at all.

2 thoughts on “Cat & Bryan’s Wedding”

  1. Hey, this is my cousin’s wedding that, I was not able to attend. These are to the first pictures I have seen from that event.
    I would like to see more if possible.

  2. I didn’t take that many photos at the wedding. My seats during the ceremony weren’t the greatest, but i’ll send you what I have.
    I just tried sending you some pictures, but your hotmail inbox is full.
    I have about 1mb worth of pictures and a 1.5mb video of their vows to send to you.

    Tell me when you have space, or give me a seperate email address to send them to.

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