Wedding Tomorrow!

So, I am relaxing earlier during my Friday afternoon, trying to enjoy the last bit of vacation away from the gym when suddenly i get a call from Ryan saying that the gym was in fact open and having open gym today. So, after a quick confirmation call to Erik, I get in the car and drive through Friday traffic (rush hour is always early on Fridays) to the gym. An abrubt end to my short, unpaid vacation.

But enough about work.

Tomorrow Cat and Bryan are getting married! The wedding is in Athens, and I am going to attend… though at the moment I am not sure exactly WHERE in Athens it will be. A few phone calls should clear that matter up. Athens isn’t huge, though it is an hour away via a very very cop-infested highway, 316. I will hopefully have a few nice photos to share with whomever is reading this (only me, i think). The wedding is scheduled for 5:30. I wish I knew of someone else in town that was going so that we could carpool. The two folks that I do know are in the wedding party, so meeting up would not be practical as they undoubtetdly have ceremonial duties and commitments.

Crap. I haven’t chosen any clothes. I might go khaki and black shirt. At Leila and Brian’s wedding, 3 years ago in 2001 (man, i’m getting old), I forgot part of the suit i was planning to wear and was inadvertently forced to improvise with suit pants and a black ribbed T-shirt. It actually worked out pretty well. I could probably get away with my black sneakers, but if Cat reads this and finds out I wore sneakers to her wedding then she will sic her ninjas on me! 🙂 I’ll choose clothes when i wake up tomorrow… and make sure I have my gift.

This is my third wedding in 2 years and I have yet to take a date to one.

Well, i guess i’d need a date first, eh?


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