Spiderman 2 – Thursday, June 30, 2004

Thursday, June 30 3:18PM
I am just getting in from a noon (12:30pm) showing of Spiderman 2, which opened today. Fantastic! I really really got into this movie… the action, stunts, special effects and CGI are all great of course… but its really the effect of the whole story (writing and direction). Even though there are a great many movies I like and enjoy, I am not typically a person that raves over seeing them in the theaters, or goads friends into seeing a particular flicks without some sort of impetus. However, I am going to make a noteworthy exception with Spiderman 2. Go see it… in the theater… bring a date! Its a good date movie! I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but a there are a few surprising scenes and plot lines that fans of the first movie will delight in seeing explored. I don’t want to give anything away, so I will leave my description at that for now. Perhaps I’ll write a full review later.

As great as it was, there are some interesting peculiarities that seem to pervade the series. Maybe they can be attributed to Sam Raimi?
There are the cameos by Stan Lee and Sam Raimi, of course…. but most *ahem* noteworthy is how Mary Jane Watson aka Kirsten Dunst’s shirt invariably gets soaking wet again in the movies, causing her to nip through her blouse. (Not that i’m complaining! Its definitely a rememberable recurrence worth mention 😉 ) I couldn’t find a screenshot from spiderman 2 that does Ms. Dunst’s assets justice, so I grabbed a publicity photo from earlier in the same scene, albeit without the level of detail noticeable in the film. -I now own the Spiderman 2 DVD and was able to make the appropriate screenshot- I also included a screen grab from the first spiderman movie. (I just realized that I have the full-screen version, bleagh… I shall have to sell it and buy the widescreen one)

Perky Kirsten Dunst
Spiderman (2002)

Kirsten in yet another wet blouse
from Spiderman 2 (2004)

I hope you appreciate that DVD screenshot. It took me HOURS to get my DVD player softwave to run correctly in order to get it. I’ll spare you a long explanation, but it has to do with the software blocking playback because my video card isn’t programmed with any copy protection. After very furstrating and exhaustive search, I finally fixed it by finding a way to block macrovision. (MPAA SUX!)

11:00PM – Went to and came back from Acworth. Ran into Kathryn after not seeing her around for a while. She just got back from California.

Site update – well, not my site. I’ve been fiddling with the domain a little bit. It started when Beth contacted me for help with installing Moveable Type(blog software) on the site. I’d read/heard a little about lots of people dropping moveable type due to it not being as free anymore, so I consulted with an online-pal/internet guru and decided to install WordPress instead. As of this entry, WordPress is up and running on Beth’s site, but she has yet to make any updates to it herself. I will probably eventually switch from blogger to WordPress, but not until i have more content up and redesign this web log’s appearance.
One site enhancement I have been unable to implement so far is syndicating RSS feeds/headlines onto my web page. I found a script that does the job, but my host doesn’t have the proper perl modules installed that it requires. I’ll email them about it and see if I can get that changed.

In other news: No new information about my shirt. I talked a little bit about it with Reed. No revelations. I have been offered as many old thunder shirts as I want as restitution. A poor substitute, but seemlingly all i’m likely to get.

Also: My 2 extra batteries for my digital camera came yesterday! I charged them up and tested them and everything seems to work correctly. Now all I have to do is find a case that can carry them along with the camera and 2 extra compact flash cards. I’ve been to Target and Best Buy, but haven’t found anything ideal. Right now i’m using this targus case which is compact enough to fit in a pocket and hold the camera + flash cards, but it lacks the compartments for 2 extra batteries.

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