Memorial Day weekend

Oops, haven’t written anything in the journal for over a week! Turns out that the photo gallery was the first thing to go online, albeit unformatted. I still haven’t decided on the best way to display the pictures and navigation menu, but i’ll try to come up with something this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, its memorial day weekend. Today I went to Target looking for those cheap t-shirts i passed up last week. I also helped Valerie+Brannon+The Ramseys paint the stairs. I would have stayed longer, but I had to get to Aaron’s apt to feed his cat, and put his new drum set together (that iffy game him). After doing that I got distracted playing SimCity4 for about 40 min and then came back to watch the best episode of Justice League i’ve ever seen. Not a bad day… though i’m unsure as to whether the gym is open tomorrow or not. I have private lessons tomorrow, so they might not know? I’ll have to show up just in case :-/
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