Missed the race – Tuesday July 7, 2004

Tuesday July 7, 2004, 3:23AM

I didn’t run in the Peactree Road Race. The plan was for Reed to call me later the night before and tell me what time to be up to catch a ride downtown. He didn’t call, so I set my clock for 6AM and went to bed. I woke up very drowsily at 6, my sleep-logic asking why I was waking up so early just to tire myself out in the summer heat, all the way downtown no less. Reed never showed up, and so I fell back asleep… missing church in the process.

Later, at 12:22 I left and went to Iffy’s apt on Clairmont Rd for the barbecue… the barbecue which was actually being held the next day, as a very hung-over and sleepy Iffy told me. Oops. I made a very similar mistake last year for a party that Liz threw… only that time it was a 2-hour-drive-to-Liz’s-place-in-Macon mistake. Believe me when I say that A 4-hour drive is a great way to burn up not only gas, but your entire evening and afternoon as well.

Well, I did make it to the barbecue on its actual day (today), and there was a good smattering of folks there. I was pleasantly surprised to see Natalie-the-ballerina there (not to be confused with the Natalie that I saw Harry Potter 3 with). Natalie was there with Aaron’s girlfriend, Katie. We got to talk a little bit and swam around in the pool some. We raced pool lengths, and she beat me 4 times. I didn’t mind. I’m not a very good swimmer, and I was more concerned with how nicely she fit into her swimsuit 😉 (The few photos I have of the barbecue don’t do her justice). I didn’t drool or stare though, so I should be in the clear. She and Katie had a friend flying in from Vancouver who is going to be living with Katie and Aaron, and dancing at Atlanta Ballet with Katie and Natalie-the-ballerina for about a month. Apparently Aaron thinks that I’ll like her or something. She flew in tonight. I’ll have to try to drop by sometime this week and meet her. Hmmm, I don’t think i’ve ever been out with a ballerina before……. 😉

P.S. – Played my bass after too-long a hiatus. It felt good to do it. I’m going to learn some No Doubt songs all the way through… and tab The Sun by They Might Be Giants… they always perform with extremely skilled bass players with some good, tough lines.

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