I’m a published photgrapher!

Back in February (around Valentine’s Day), I got a call from a photo acquisition service. They wanted to submit a 300 dpi version of a photo I took of Six Flags over Georgia (and had displayed on my web page) to their client for possible use in a middle school math textbook for Georgia. I sent them a copy of the original photo via e-mail and then heard back from them a few days later. Their client approved the photo and so they wanted to purchase the publishing rights from me! After doing some online searching and finding a guide for calculating freelance photography rates, we came to an arrangement. My check arrived a few days ago 🙂

Before any of this happened, a friend of mine once compared me to Peter Parker, the nerdy protagonist who has Spider-Man as his alter-ego. Well, I guess the description was more apt than either of us realized I am slightly geeky and enjoy looking through mathematics references and Facebook stalking famous photographers… and in the comic/movie, Peter Parker works as a freelance photographer. Hmm… I wonder if that means I’ll be crawling on walls at some future time & place 🙂

The photo I took was from my trip there in August, 2004 with Tony, Sarah, and Suzie (Rest In Peace 🙁 ). Here is a copy of the version in my photo gallery:

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