A weekend inside the perimeter

Rain on Saturday with a trip down to Atlantic Station (where I met a fellow descendant of Jamaicans). My Sunday (today) was far more memorable. Rumbi invited me to watch a play with her down at on Emory campus. It was one that she was required to watch for one of her classes this semester, but I’m always glad for any time that I can spend with her as company. The play was a classic comedy set in the colonial period (though written and produced in Britain); She Stoops To Conquer: Or, The Mistakes Of A Night written in 1773 by Oliver Goldsmith. We had a quick lunch before buying tickets for the show. Rumbi was a little quiet with me (as she is wont be lately), but I really enjoyed the play and my afternoon out. The basic gist of the plot has much ado about mistaken identity, young love, and social class. The cast was excellent, though I felt that the opening monologue looked a little forced, and the performance in the inital scenes involving Mrs. Dorothy Lumpkin Hardcastle (a character) felt a little off. Rumbi said that she also liked the play a lot, but I didn’t discuss my opinion of the performers or performance with her for fear of any criticism making me seem ungratfeul for being able to see it.

I do hope she soon gets out of the rut she tends to get in with me lately… here’s to hoping! 🙂

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