New web log! Weekend plans abound – June 12, 2004

Saturday June 12, 2004 7:16PM
Geez! I just spent about 15 minutes writing the next entry only to have a shitty website( crash my browser, and hose all the text in the form I was using. Your site has to suck pretty bad if it can crash Mozilla 1.7RC2. I won’t be visiting there again.

Well, here we go again… I’ll use notepad this time and just paste it….

I am sleepy from my lack of sleep last night, and the 2 days of free time spent working on the website. Namely, this new and improved web log, which is much improved over the old version. After doing a few entries under the old one, I was quickly growing weary of typing in the same tags and links every time I made an entry. I use notepad to create all my css and html, so you can imagine how repetitive it can get. After a quick bit of web sleuthing with google, I happened upon blogger, a popular but previously-unknown-to-me blog (web log) site. Blogger lets you create and maintain your own web log off-site! For free, even. It also allows you to totally hack up and change the CSS and html template used to generate your blog!
So, my free time in the past 2 days has been spent adapting my original blog page design and adapting the blogger CSS accordingly. In the course of figuring out how their template worked, I did happen to pick up a few handy CSS tricks. The result is what you see before you. One drawback to blogger is the inability to properly import old entries into their system. As a result, i’m using a partially hand-coded workaround to display the old entries. This one will be the first properly dated ‘current’ one.

Besides poking around on the web, I’ve been making a few plans here and there. Tomorrow, I plan to make my first visit to the singles bible study at Northpoint church. I attend service there, but usually watch from the hall as a result of arriving late (probably not a viable option with the bible study). Then next weekend there is a wedding shower of some sort in Athens, and also a trip home to Knoxville for Father’s Day. The weekend after that I have been invited to watch a friend compete in the ‘World Tae KwonDo tournament’ in Little Rock! How awesome is that? I’m excited. We will do some sightseeing as well, but I don’t have all the detail yet. I’ll have to borrow a digital camera for the trip. I haven’t been to a martial arts competition since 1993 or 1994 when I was competing. Tae kwon do tournaments are a little different though. Tae kwon do schools usually hold their own competitions separate from other karate schools due to different rules. It should be an interesting trip.

Today I went to Dirt Cheep Music and Atlanta Pro Percussion (the aforementioned crappy website) with Aaron and his girlfriend, Katie. Aaron was looking for new triggers/pads for the electronic drum set that our friend Iffy gave to him. New ones cost about $100 at Atlanta Pro percussion, but Dirt Cheep Music had some used ones for $20 apeice! They were drum practice pads that someone had opened up and converted into electronic pads by putting triggers inside them and running a line back out. Pretty ingenious. I’ll put a picture up of them when i get my hands on a camera.
I’m going to spend the rest of the day tidying up and maybe heading to the park to exercise off some of the dinner i ate (1 lbs cheeseburger from Cheeburger Cheeburger (not good for me, i know… but its my only meal today). Then i’ll have to job hunt since I haven’t had a chance to yet this weekend.
Ah, it will be nice to copy, paste, and then post this to my website with one click of the button 🙂



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