Coming from Kevin Wilson

Well, here it is... my home on the web. The tentative plan is to house a site where friends, family, and clients(?) can contact me, or find information they need from me (Sounds a bit narcissitic, I know)

Maybe the site will even help me find a (real) job, who knows? ;-)

Updates and sections are slow in coming, as I already spend too much time on my computer.

In the meantime, feel free to browse:

  • The web log section is up, and will hopefully be updated often
  • Check out a WASSAAP Flash animation from the (former) GT Cheerleaders
  • My Photo Gallery. Complete, but unformatted for layout/look
  • Bass Tabs! Need to learn how to play a song on your bass guitar? I am going to collect all past and future bass tabs I have ever done and display them
  • Deity @ RiftwaveAn old half-finished site I made back in college about a comic I used to collect (which hasn't been in print since 2000)
  • Beth's page. A friend & fellow muggle that I share webspace with. She'll probably take even longer than me to create her site
  • Shawn. My cousin who is learning HTML the hard way. With notepad and me trying to show him the way (poor guy).

    Talk to me, or write me. Send email at
    You can also instant message me - AIM: TarzanBoy007,, or ICQ:7092773

  • News Web-log (will have an RSS feed from the blog)
    Cron tab not yet activated